Always Hide Your Toothbrush: Hotel Housekeeping’s Gross Secret Revealed

You'll never leave your toothbrush unattended again.

Always Hide Your Toothbrush: Hotel Housekeeping’s Gross Secret Revealed

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Travellers have been warned about hotel housekeepers using guests’ toothbrushes and are advised to keep personal items hidden…

A hotel guest who recently went viral has warned travellers about the potential misuse of toothbrushes left unattended in hotel bathrooms. Lavell Jackson, a real estate agent, shared his unsettling experience at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, where he claims housekeeping staff used his toothbrush to assist with room cleaning. Following the incident, the hotel reportedly offered him a US$50 credit and a replacement toothbrush…


Mandalay Bay Las Vegas. Housekeeping horror stories. Why would you Ean with someone’s toothbrush?!? #mandalaybaylasvegas #mgm #lasvegas

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His cautionary tale has been echoed by a former hotel manager, who advises guests to keep their toothbrushes concealed to avoid them being tampered with by disgruntled or careless housekeepers. The manager in question suggests that housekeepers might use a guest’s toothbrush to clean areas of the bathroom that are — how can we put this — best kept away from one’s mouth, especially if they perceive the guest as rude or having a reputation for not tipping…


Replying to @tee..lex I have heard that this happens. I have personally never seen it. It is definitely NOT okay to do this. #hotels #hotelstaff #advice

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Rumour has it that the issue extends far beyond toothbrushes, as there have been several reports of housekeepers using a single service rag for the entire bathroom, raising concerns about hygiene standards. There have also been unsettling instances in Beijing where hotels were caught using toilet bowl cleaners on drinking glasses.

Gary Leff over at View From The Wing sums things up nicely…

“At a minimum, put away your toothbrush. And put away all of your tempting personal items. Don’t leave anything of value in obvious view. The fact that it could happen is probably enough for some of you to think twice about leaving your toothbrush out.”

Gary Leff