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17 Cool Luggage Brands For Secure, Stylish And Seamless Travel

Looking for the best luggage for your next holiday? We got you covered and looking cool.

17 Cool Luggage Brands For Secure, Stylish And Seamless Travel

You’re probably thinking that luggage is just luggage, and if it gets your items from A to B with little fuss then all good. But, as you should know, there are many different types of luggage to choose from, whether it be a small carry-on for a short trip abroad, a weekender bag for a night in the city or, of course, a fully-fledged suitcase.

Making sure you’ve got the right bag for your travels is an absolutely essential part of preparing for any trip but, with an increasingly vast and saturated market, it can be hard to know exactly what to look for. Lucky for you, we’ve pulled together this comprehensive guide to the best brands in the business.

Read on to see how we determine whether a brand is worth your hard-earned cash, why you should trust our opinion over the hundreds of voices out there online and — most importantly — walk you through our favourite luggage brands and where to buy them.

What We’re Looking For

To understand our reviews and rankings you need to understand the criteria against which we’re rating these luggage brands. Here are the main things we’re looking out for when reviewing any suitcase worth its salt:

  • Look & Feel: There’s no vanity in admitting that your luggage is ultimately an essential travel accessory. As such, you want it to look as good as you do, complementing your own energy and aesthetic as you move through the airport, city, and sky.
  • Quality & Durability: Not only does your carry-on need to hold up for the duration of your journey — being able to withstand the many unavoidable knocks endured at the hands of baggage handlers and turbulent planes — it also needs the durability to go through this pain again and again, year after year.
  • Capacity & Features: It’s important to understand how much can these suitcases actually hold and what kind of trip are they suited for: an overnight stay, a long weekend, or more. Additionally, what special features do they offer that make your pacing and travelling experience that little bit easier?
  • Price Point: How much all of this going to set you back is a central consideration before any purchase. If it’s pricier than a competitor, what are the benefits you’re actually getting for the additional spend? If it’s cheaper than an alternative, are you missing out on anything? Is the brand skimping on essential features? Or have they simply found the Golden Ratio…

Why Trust Us

Put simply, we’ve been reviewing airlines, luggage, and every aspect of the travel industry we can find for over a decade…

Our founder Luc Wiesman has been a committed world traveller for as long as he can remember and our resident Travel Editor Finlay Mead is quickly racking up a long list of business class and economy cabins, hotels, and destinations that he’s experienced and dissected for your pleasure and information.

Most important, however, is that we actually bought and tested a number of these bags ourselves and gave them a hands-on test, taking them with us on our various travels to see how they measure up against the rest.

Firm believers in trying before we buy so that consumers can make quick, easy, and savvy purchases, these are our honest, unbiased, and unfiltered views on how these brands perform.