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20 Best Scarves For Men Seeking Winter Warmth

A stylish statement.

20 Best Scarves For Men Seeking Winter Warmth

Scarves have a history that goes back thousands of years, all the way to the ancient Egyptians, who used to wear them so that the heavyweight of their jewellery was protected against their skin. This might be a long way away from how gents wear them today, but there are still similarities in that a well-chosen scarf can go a long way to adding an air of luxury and class to an overall look.

Today, scarves can be worn in a number of ways, such as the classic criss-cross fold which complements a suit and briefcase, or the single fold, often the knot of choice for indie mods. Choosing the way you are going to wear a scarf, and more importantly, what with, should be seriously considered before any purchase.

Whether you’re looking for something to stop the cold creeping through the gaps in your overcoat, or something light and colourful to protect you from the summer rays, there are endless opportunities when it comes to elevating your ensemble with a scarf.

With many choices on the market now, we’ve come up with what we think are the best men’s scarfs from the best brands around, for all kinds of occasions. So, if you’re buying your first scarf or adding one to a specific new look you’re sampling this winter, check out our essential guide.