Conor McGregor Reveals Hollywood Aspirations… But Not Before His Next Fight

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Conor McGregor Reveals Hollywood Aspirations… But Not Before His Next Fight

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Conor McGregor is rightly enjoying the limelight ahead of his upcoming feature film debut in the Road House remake alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, but the Irish fighter isn’t ready to step out of the Octagon for good, just yet.

Since breaking his foot in the ring against Dustin Poirer at UFC 264, Conor McGregor has spent much of his time in recovery, patiently waiting for his next opportunity to fight again. The former UFC champion was slated to make his expected return to the octagon at UFC 302 but pulled out after missing a routine drug test and it’s led to fans questioning whether they’d ever see Notorious fighting again.

Instead, McGregor has been trying his hand at another one of his emerging passions, and the Irish fighter is set to make his acting debut in the Road House remake alongside Hollywood’s own Jake Gyllenhaal… and reveals he has bigger plans if this does well.

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Speaking with Extra TV, McGregor has revealed that a future in Hollywood is an interesting prospect and would keep his options open if an opportunity presented itself down the line. But ultimately, McGregor wants to fight in the UFC again and has teased that 2024 could mark his triumphant return.

“Without spoiling it, there potentially is an opportunity maybe for something down the line,” McGregor revealed. “Hopefully I get a fight date booked and I’m looking to compete a couple of times by the end of the year, I’d love two fights in by the end of the year and then after that, who knows?” 

“I’ll wait until I see how the reaction is and what way I feel about it. And then I’ll make a decision [if I want to act again]. I’m in a blessed spot. I’m so thankful for it. But for me, my game inside that octagon is far from over and I’m eager to get back.”

Road House will premiere worldwide on Prime Video from 21 March.