French Luxury Brand Launches $61 ‘Spray & Wipe’ For Bougie House Husbands

What recession?

French Luxury Brand Launches $61 ‘Spray & Wipe’ For Bougie House Husbands

Every thought cleaning the house lacked a certain je ne sais quoi? Fear not, mon ami: luxury fragrance and candle brand Diptyque has released a range of luxurious household cleaning products… That are ridiculously, needlessly expensive.

Despite the cost of living and house prices reaching record highs, Diptyque seems to think Aussies are doing just fine financially if their latest product range is anything to go byy.

It’s called La Droguerie: a new collection of eco-friendly household products – which marks Diptyque’s first foray into home cleaning – and the prices are astronomical.

Diptyque’s multi-surface cleaner will cost Australians $61. For comparison, your humble Ajax Spray & Wipe costs just $3.50 at Woolworths. Diptyque’s dish soap also costs $61 and again, for a comparison, dish soap is available at Woolies for as little as $1.20.

The household cleaning collection that’s worth a fair chunk of money. Image Credit: Diptyque

Does Diptyque think we all have kitchen counters and plates made of gold? How can they justify this pricing?

Well apparently, the products “combine effectiveness with respect for the environment, style with subtle fragrance” and “the liquid formulations comprise ingredients that are 99% natural or of natural origin and are biodegradable with Ecocert accreditation”. Smells like French bs to us.

Still, $61 for a cleaning product that you can get for less than five dollarydoos down at the local supermarket suggests that Diptyque are well and truly taking the piss. At least they’ll be able to mop it up.

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