Glen Moray’s Latest Shiraz Cask Finish Celebrates An Illustrious Era Of Innovation

In 1897, during a time when other distilleries were adhering to traditional methods, the Glen Moray distillery was daring to be different.

Glen Moray’s Latest Shiraz Cask Finish Celebrates An Illustrious Era Of Innovation

Image: Glen Moray

The following article was produced in partnership with Glen Moray.

Through those earlier days in Elgin, a town in the Speyside region of Scotland, local ales flowed freely in the original Eglin West Brewery, before the producers pivoted to meet the increased demand for premium Scottish whisky.

Ageing its spirit in Marsala wine casks and sherry casks, Glen Moray was one of the first pioneers in the area to debut a new and innovative approach to whisky production.

Over the last 125 years, Glen Moray and its countless whisky makers and custodians have perfected their craft, finding inspiration in the varying casks that they introduce to their spirit, to create the renowned whiskies we know today.

Image: Glen Moray

Through meticulous, and, at times, unusual, experimentation, the Glen Moray craftsmen would forge a reputation for an innovative approach to distilling, introducing an array of casks and materials to the whisky to influence the spirit and the maturation process.

More than 100 years later, Glen Moray would once again pioneer new ground within the storied world of whisky distilling, introducing a Chardonnay white wine cask finish and a Chenin Blanc white wine finish to continue the brand’s enduring legacy of maturing whisky in a variety of casks… something that’s as true today, as it was a century ago.

“A custom as old as our distillery itself, it shapes our extensive range of Scotch whiskies today.”

Outside of its rich origins nestled amongst the rolling landscape of Speyside and the Scottish Highlands, Glen Moray has released a unique and exciting Explorer Range of whiskies. Luckily, travelling to the distillery isn’t the only way to sample Glen Moray Double Cask Shiraz Finish, as you will find the whisky available exclusively at Dan Murphy’s.

Image: Glen Moray

Fruity and floral, the Glen Moray Double Cask Shiraz Finish invites whisky lovers to discover new flavour notes and profiles, exploring the many intriguing characteristics that red wine casks can bring to a whisky.

“At Glen Moray we are passionate about experimenting with different cask types, to bring more tastes to drinkers – and that is what our Explorer range is all about,” Glen Moray Brand Ambassador Iain Allan said.

“Whether drinkers are new to whisky or already connoisseurs, Glen Moray Double Cask Shiraz Finish is sure to delight, with its notes of strawberries and flowers, and undertones of oak.”

Image: Glen Moray

The liquid rose gold first finds life aged in traditional bourbon barrels, allowing the natural sweet flavours of the aged oak to impart into the whisky, incorporating notes of vanilla and citrus.

Then, for the next two years, Glen Moray’s whisky is finished in Shiraz casks to impart rose petal and red fruit on the nose whilst a strawberry and toffee lingers for an inherently smooth finish.

Tasting Notes
ColourRose Gold
NoseFragrant and floral as notes of rose petal and red fruits lead to subtle, herbal hints
TasteRipe strawberries and creamy toffee are laced with a touch of pepper and gentle undertones of oak.
FinishA burst of sweet fruits fades into notes of soft oak and spice. ABV: 40%

The result? A beautifully balanced Scottish whisky released just in time for Christmas; an embodiment of the celebrated Highlands from which it came, but enriched with a unique flair through a bold and innovative approach to maturation. 

This Christmas, transport the whisky lover in your life to a land of tradition and time; bound in Glen Moray’s unrelenting commitment to an innovative approach to whisky distillation that’s spanned 127 years.

Glen Moray Double Cask Shiraz Finish is sold exclusively at Dan Murphy’s, the only place in the world you can buy the whisky outside the Glen Moray distillery.