Glen Powell’s Shredding Secret Is A Piece Of Gym Gear You’ve Never Used

The piece of workout equipment behind these results might just catch you off guard...

Glen Powell’s Shredding Secret Is A Piece Of Gym Gear You’ve Never Used

Image: Men's Health/DMARGE

Hollywood’s already replete with jacked-up, juiced-out heartthrobs that put your girlfriend’s imagination to work. Just when you think we’ve reached the top of the mountain, however — as we all did when Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy first graced our screens — somebody else comes along and raises the muscle-building bar that little bit higher…

This year, that man has been Glen Powell. Known first for his role alongside Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick and then as the muscle-bound leading man in Anyone But You alongside the inimitable Sydney Sweeney, Powell has captured the attention of fitness fanatics and cinephiles alike with his more-than-enviable body. And yet, the secret piece of workout equipment behind these results might just catch you off guard…

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The Lord Of The Rings

In an industry where appearance only seems to get more and more important, actors like Powell go to increasingly punishing lengths to prepare for roles. For the iconic beach scene in Top Gun: Maverick, Powell teamed up with Nick Mitchell, the founder of Ultimate Performance, to sculpt his godly body. While many aspects of Powell’s regimen were standard fare — progressive overload, good nutrition, the odd jog — one element stood out: his newfound love of gymnastic rings.

Gymnastic ring workouts are far from new, but they’re also far from being mainstream, requiring a level of balance, coordination, and core strength that goes beyond what most traditional gym exercises offer (and what most ‘traditional’ gym goers are capable of…).

For Powell, this meant engaging his entire body at once in order to stay stable while executing ring dips, ring push-ups, ring rows, and a lot more. He credits this full-body engagement with delivering his sculpted final physique.

Image: Men’s Health

So why is this tactic so rare? For starters, gymnastic ring workouts are incredibly intimidating unless you’re already a top-tier athlete. Often seen as the domain of elite gymnasts, there’s a (partially true) perception that they’re more difficult and more dangerous than most other exercises, leading many to shy away.

Embracing The New

It’s safe to say the results speak for themselves. Powell’s physique is nothing short of immensely impressive, and it’s clear that his gymnastic ring workouts played a crucial role.

For anyone inspired by Powell’s transformation, incorporating ring exercises into their routine could be a game-changer. Remember this, though: it’s not about abandoning the workouts you know and love, but about adding another dimension to your fitness regimen.

Gymnastic rings offer a unique challenge that can lead to impressive gains, for aesthetics and functional strength alike. Yes, they undeniably require patience, practice, and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone. But, as Powell’s results prove, the payoff can be well worth the effort.