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GoPro HERO12 Review: Nick Woodman Reveals How GoPro Continues To Set The Standard For Adventure

"GoPro helps people capture experiences that would otherwise be challenging or impossible to capture and using a GoPro often adds to the enjoyment of the experience itself."

GoPro HERO12 Review: Nick Woodman Reveals How GoPro Continues To Set The Standard For Adventure


GoPro claims the latest iteration of the iconic HERO series could be the best camera that the American company has ever made, introducing a range of new cutting-edge features that could make the GoPro HERO12 the must-have product for life’s creators… and after using it for the last couple of months, we tend to agree.

When GoPro CEO Nick Woodman was just 26 years old, he had no idea that a five-month surfing trip through Australia and Indonesia would set in motion the start of an unbelievable journey. Before the words “content creator” existed; before the desire to document and share had become shared ideas in every corner of the globe; Nick Woodman set off with a simple idea.

“I wanted to document my experience in the ocean and had the idea for a wrist strap that would allow me to wear a 35mm single-use film camera while surfing,” Woodman told DMARGE.

“My prototype worked so well during the trip that I decided to start a business around the concept once I returned home. That simple idea for a camera I would wear while surfing evolved into the bigger idea for GoPro.”

This simple ethos would later become an integral driver for GoPro’s continued success. More than two decades later, GoPro continues to break new ground in the action camera space, delivering world-class products such as the celebrated HERO series to maintain its status as a leader in a saturated market… and that’s no more true than right here in Australia.

“GoPro aligns extremely well with the Australian market because Australians are so active and passionate about sports, the outdoors and adventure,” Woodman beamed.

“Many Australians can relate to our brand and products as they participate in so many of the activities a GoPro is designed for. And the spirit behind the name GoPro is essentially “this is your life, live a big one” which seems to resonate with how many Australians approach life.”

Image: GoPro

For more than 20 years, GoPro has delivered on this promise to Australia’s active users who have consistently looked to GoPro as the essential accessory whenever they hit the surf or embark on a walk into the country’s wilderness.

Despite facing stiff competition from other action camera manufacturers and the inevitable rise of smartphones inside everyone’s pocket, GoPro has maintained a strong presence in the market. The American company continues to innovate with new products and features, including the integration of live streaming and advanced editing tools, among other things… and GoPro’s latest offering could be their best yet.

“In the beginning, we had to imagine what our customers would want because we were creating the market from scratch.” Woodman continued.

“Today, GoPro does a lot of research to learn what our customers want to see next from us, and then we go and build it for them. And we’re relentless about innovation. We’re impatient because our customers are impatient…they expect the world from us and it’s our job to give it to them. Game on.”

GoPro HERO12 Black

GoPro HERO12 Black

Without a doubt, the best action camera ever used, the GoPro HERO12 improves on the previous iterations with a range of world-class new features such as jaw-dropping 5.3K video and superior image stabilisation.

You won’t be surprised to hear that we use a lot of camera and audio equipment here at DMARGE; we’re constantly out and about in Sydney’s streets shooting vox pops or interviewing stars at live events. I can say with some confidence that the GoPro HERO12 is, without a doubt, the best action camera we’ve managed to get our hands on.

“GoPro helps people capture experiences that would otherwise be challenging or impossible to capture and using a GoPro often adds to the enjoyment of the experience itself.”

Nick Woodman, GoPro CEO

Towards the end of last year, GoPro introduced its newest flagship action camera, promising an upgrade on its predecessor, the HERO11. At first glance, the two products seem pretty similar, but it was only when we looked closer under the hood that we realised just how much they’ve managed to pack into the 12.

Image: GoPro

For starters, the HERO12’s completely reimagined power system means the new model boasts a significantly longer runtime – two times as much as the 11 – including 1.5 hours at 5.3K30 and over 2.5 hours at 1080p30² so content creators can continue to capture life’s greatest moments, even when you’re deep into the adventure.

GoPro’s best-in-class image quality has also enjoyed a facelift, offering unbeatable image resolution that shoots crystal-clear 5.3K and 4K video. Coupled with the 12’s upgraded HyperSmooth 6.0 video stabilisation, so whether you’re at the top of the mountain, or the crest of the wave, you can be confident you’ll never miss a beat again.

One of the coolest features for us is the HERO12 now supports Bluetooth audio support for Apple AirPods and other accessories, so users are now able to connect and record sound even when they’re out of range from the camera’s built-in microphone. And if that wasn’t cool enough, the GoPro HERO12 will now respond to remote voice commands such as “GoPro Capture”, “GoPro Shoot Burst” and “GoPro Take a Photo”.

Image: GoPro

“The GoPro often becomes part of the joy of that experience vs. just serving as a ‘camera,'” Woodman said. “And while it’s true people have many options for capturing their experiences, GoPro’s customers tend to be some of the world’s most active and creative people which often leads to incredible content which then helps reinforce our brand by association.”

In a modern digital age in which we can all capture and share life’s unforgettable moments, GoPro has stood as a steadfast companion, empowering its users to capture their most daring feats and unforgettable experiences.

The introduction of the formidable HERO12 continues this brand’s indelible legacy and immortalises GoPro’s profound impact, one breathtaking moment at a time… or as Nick Woodman aptly puts it: “This is your life, live a big one.”