Hublot Return With A Big Bang At Watches & Wonders 2024

Stay classy Hublot...

Hublot Return With A Big Bang At Watches & Wonders 2024

Image: Hublot

Chief disruptors Hublot have announced some incredible new pieces at this year’s Watches & Wonders. Among them are revamped editions of the renowned Unico and MP Tourbillon series, but it’s within the brand’s classic collection where wt we feel they’re making a big bang.

Hublot’s celebrated Big Bang Unico collection may be instantly recognisable with its bold and vibrant colourways, ceramic dials and sporty rubber straps, but the Swiss luxury watch brand’s Integrated Time Only range shows that the brand can also has a more refined approach to haute horologie.

Still retaining that classic open-worked dial, the Hublot Big Bang Integrated Time Only was sleek and sophisticated with, as the name suggests, an integrated stainless steel bracelet and a smaller 40mm diameter for a classic sporty piece.

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First introduced in 2022 to the world of haute horologie, the Big Bang Integrated Time Only was a departure from the extravagant colourways, utilising a classic integrated bracelet and a slighter smaller 40mm diameter case, but still championing Hublot’s enduring ethos of ‘Be First, Unique and Different.’

But now, Hublot has just released the next evolution of the contemporary classic collection, revealing, for the first time, a solid, non-skeletonised dial to the series.

Presented in a smaller 38mm size, Hublot have revealed six configurations in their 2024 release, each incorporating classic Hublot ingredients into the aesthetics, function and design: two in polished titanium with either a blue or black dial; two come in Hublot’s exclusive King Gold material with either a blue or a black dial; and the final two have been released in the brand’s signature ceramic material, either fully black or blue.

It’s the first time the brand has released the Big Bang Integrated Time Only with a solid dial, but that’s not to say they’re looking to conceal anything under the hood. The 2024 releases still boast Hublot’s celebrated in-house movements to exemplify the brand’s commitment to the ‘Art of Fusion,’ pioneering a bespoke self-winding Movement named HUB1115 for this latest collection.

Prices start at $19,500 AUD for the two titanium models, whilst the ceramic pieces rise to $22,800 AUD. If you’re looking to splurge a bit in Geneva this year, the Hublot Integrated Time Only King Gold fetches a cool $70,300 AUD; a small price to pay for a touch of Swiss luxury.