Lewis Hamilton’s Alcohol-Free Tequila Will Guarantee You’ll Never Have A Good Time

Spicy marg anyone?

Lewis Hamilton’s Alcohol-Free Tequila Will Guarantee You’ll Never Have A Good Time

Image: @lewishamilton

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton’s achievements are rarely confined to the track limits of Formula 1, with several initiatives combatting social injustices and environmental issues at the forefront of the British driver’s passions. And whilst his latest venture is consistent with his other commitments off the track… it doesn’t sound all that fun.

We’ve already spoken at length about the rise of alcohol-free living amongst everyday guys; from the Aussie blokes who are embracing the 0,0s to the American man who ditched the booze, and with it, his waistline. We’ve even tried and tested our favourite non-alc beers for Dry January to do our bit.

And now, following the rest of the celebrities and athletes investing their hard-earned cash into the booming alcohol industry, Lewis Hamilton is the latest high-profile figure to bring another drink to the fun-loving alcohol market… but this time, without the fun.

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Hamilton’s brand Almave has the reputable title of the only non-alcoholic beverage on the market to use the highly coveted blue agave plant, the key ingredient to some of the world’s very best tequilas.

Almave, pronounced Al-mah-ve, is still made in the same fabled region of Mexico as its alcoholic counterparts but skips the fermentation process that introduces alcohol to the product. As such, Hamilton’s Almave is the world’s first super premium distilled non-alcoholic blue agave product… just don’t call it tequila.

Through his brand Almave, the Mercedes driver exemplifies his dedication to both social justice and environmental consciousness. By offering a premium non-alcoholic alternative that celebrates the essence of the celebrated spirit without the unwanted hangover, Hamilton continues to innovate while staying true to his values off the track… but I think I’d rather an 818 any day.