Australia’s Most Popular Watch Brands & Models For 2023 Revealed

Every Australian search for a luxury watch right here.

Australia's Most Popular Luxury Watch Brands & Models

The alluring realm of horology has continued to shape and inspire watch lovers, amateur collectors and connoisseurs in Australia for years. We decided to go deep with Chrono24 and discover which brands are most popular with Australians in 2023.

Let’s face it, who hasn’t spent innumerable hours searching for that special watch online? Googling our favourite brands such as IWC, Rolex, OMEGA and Cartier to land on the next piece to make its way into our collections.

DMARGE spoke exclusivly with international watch marketplace, Chrono24 and asked them what Aussies searched most for in 2023. Chrono24 boasts one of the world’s biggest selections of vintage and second-hand watches with more than 540,000 advertised watches on the site every day. Some watches even tip the scales at over a $12 million dollars. Wow!

Catering to millions of avid watch fans, including Cristiano Ronaldo who recently invested in the platform. Watch lovers, like us, will often cruise Chrono24 like, where you can scroll for hours looking for your dream watch. It’s nice to dream sometimes, you know?

Anyway – Chrono24 came up with the goods with this exclusive feature for DMARGE.

Australia’s Top Brand Models 2023 by Chrono24 (by GMV)
1. Rolex Datejust
2. Omega Seamaster
3. Omega Speedmaster
4. Rolex Submariner
5. Rolex Day-Date
6. Rolex GMT-Master II
7. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak
8. Rolex Yacht-Master
9. Rolex Daytona
10. TAG Heuer Carrera
Australia’s Top Watch Brands 2023 by Chrono24 (by GMV)
1. Rolex
2. Omega
3. Cartier
4. Patek Philippe
5. TAG Heuer
6. Seiko
7. Breitling
8. Audemars Piguet
9. Tudor
10. Grand Seiko

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Winners and losers from 2023’s data…

  • We would have expected the Rolex Submariner to be in the top spot with the Datejust in second.
  • Omega in positions 2 and 3 was a surprise.
  • Grand Seiko sneaking in the top 10 is a testament to the hard work of Yuki, Vincent and the team here in Australia.
  • We forget how bad-ass Cartier is. They keep getting bigger and better too.
  • No Patek’s in the top 10 – weird considering we have multiple retailers here like Hour Glass and Kennedy.
  • No surprise to see TAG Heuer on the list as it’s Australia’s favourite first luxury watch.

Please note: The data in this list is for information purposes only. DMARGE does not support grey market imports in any way.