Ray Winstone’s $1,200 ‘Gangster’ Sunglasses Are The Real MVP In Netflix’s ‘The Gentlemen’

Killer lifestyle, killer sunglasses.

Ray Winstone’s $1,200 ‘Gangster’ Sunglasses Are The Real MVP In Netflix’s ‘The Gentlemen’


This week Netflix dropped the hotly anticipated British gangster series ‘The Gentlemen’. Directed and created by Guy Ritchie, it’s a new take on his popular 2022 film of the same name. Packed with an all-star lineup of England’s badest boys and girls, it’s hit steaming with a big stylish bang.

In true Guy Ritchie style, The Gentlemen is the pinnacle of style, mixing tweed and tracksuits like milk and chocolate. The series showcases working-class Liverpool (scouser) gangsters versus the aristocratic underworld and they do battle over $4,000,000 and a whole lot of dope, land and dead bodies.

Don’t mess with Bobby Glass

Ray Winstone, of Sexybeast fame, heads up a crime family as Bobby Glass from a very relaxed jail slash country club. Swapping overalls for a supreme selection of perfectly tailored attire as he controls his syndicate from behind bars. Ray’s first appearance in the series is without doubt a big statement thanks to his oversized and incredibly expensive sunglasses.

This has everyone asking ‘what sunglasses does Ray Winstone wear in The Gentlemen?’.They’re made by the sunglass brand de jour, Jacques Marie Mage and they’re known as the Hemmings. Limited to just 250 pieces, they’re not to be missed.

Jacques Marie Mage Hemmings will set you back around $1,200

If you’re unaware of JMM, they burst onto the fashion scene a few years back and are known for being very expensive, handmade, limited and very cool. This stands to reason why they’ve made an appearance in this hot new series. Each pair is made in a 300-step process and with the knowledge of over 100 artisans.

The sunglasses are available to buy online from several different retailers. Get around them before they sell out.