Shredded Mid-30s Man Shares 5 Secrets Behind Massive 95kg Weight Loss

How To Lose Half Your Bodyweight.

Shredded Mid-30s Man Shares 5 Secrets Behind Massive 95kg Weight Loss

Image: DMARGE/Reddit

We thrive on body transformations here at DMARGE. There’s nothing better than seeing dudes who’ve been struggling with their weight and, often, their mental health along with it, find a way to turn it all around. In an effort to share the secrets behind their fitness success, we share some of our favourite stories.

This thirty-four-year-old Redditor — who goes by the username National_Monitor8881 — posted progress pictures to the site’s dedicated subreddit, revealing an unbelievable weight loss. Shedding half of his body weight, dropping from 420lbs (190kg) to 210lbs (95kg), he was kind enough to share 5 of the tips and tricks that got him there.

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Secret #1, #2 and #3: Cut, Cut, Cut

The poster’s first three secrets can all be grouped under one fundamental heading: the cut. He writes out his personal nutritional guidelines as follows:

“1. Cut out soda

2. Drink lots of water

3. Healthy calorie-light foods that weigh a lot. This makes it so you’re never hungry (e.g. 9-12oz for 300-400cal)”


When it comes to shedding those pounds, nailing your nutritional game is always the most important and usually most punishing step. You need to partake in a ‘cut’ by maintaining a strict calorie deficit over an extended period of time, just like Zac Efron did before filming Baywatch. Here are some general nutritional guidelines to follow, but bear in mind that nutrition varies from person to person:

  1. Calculate your calories: To lose body fat, you must create a calorie deficit by consuming fewer calories than your body burns. Calculate your daily calorie needs and subtract 250-500 calories per day to create a gradual calorie deficit.
  2. Eat plenty of fibre: Fibre-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can help keep you feeling full and satisfied during a cut.
  3. Stay hydrated: Adequate hydration is essential for optimal health and can also help curb hunger and cravings.

It’s important to note that a successful cut requires patience and consistency. It’s not advisable to try to lose too much body fat too quickly, as this can lead to muscle loss and other health problems. Aim for a gradual, sustainable rate of fat loss, and be sure to listen to your body and adjust your nutrition plan as needed.

Secret #4: Throw Some Weight Around

You won’t be surprised to hear that getting in the gym was another crucial step in this Redditor’s regimen:

“Heavy weightlifting [for] an hour, 2-3 days a week to maintain as much muscle as possible. This helps limit muscle loss so you can continue burning calories as you lose weight. (Believe it or not cardio is optional for weight loss, but I recommend it for overall health and fitness. As with anything it gets easier if you stick with it.)”


As the poster points out, you certainly don’t need to be hitting 5 days a week to see progress, especially if you’re just starting out. For absolute beginners, 2 sessions a week is plenty and for people with some experience, 3-4 will do the job. If you do want to push those numbers up to 5 or 6 sessions, make sure you’re prioritizing rest and recovery in between.

Importantly, if you’re new to the gym, get a trainer or take an experienced lifting buddy with you; you’ll struggle to see progress if you spend six weeks in the hospital…

M/34/5’10” [420lbs > 210lbs = 210lbs] half the man
byu/National_Monitor8881 inprogresspics

Secret #5: No Time Like The Present

The final secret in this Redditor’s secret source is a powerful one and, interestingly, has absolutely nothing to do with training or diet; it’s all about mindset. Many of us will be able to identify with this one, prone as we all are to putting off the lifestyle changes we know we need to make for a long as conveniently possible…

“I stopped telling myself I’d start tomorrow or after XYZ. I started immediately.”


There you have it folks. Time to put your phone down, dust off that gym membership and clear out your pantry. The time is now…