It’s Time To Swap Your Golf Polo For A Party Shirt; Southern Comfort Is Teeing Off The Action This Summer

Like Bourbon in a Party Shirt.

It’s Time To Swap Your Golf Polo For A Party Shirt; Southern Comfort Is Teeing Off The Action This Summer

Image: Southern Comfort

The following article was produced in partnership with Southern Comfort.

We don’t really know when it happened. Perhaps it was when Michael Jordan and Carlos Sainz Jr. took to the green to relax in between their regular seasons; maybe it was when Cameron Smith, the blonde mullet-rocking, moustache-bearing Queensland swinger took the golf world by storm to lift a handful of titles; maybe it was as recently as the Netflix Cup, when the streamer launched its first live golf tournament before the Las Vegas Grand Prix. 

No, we can’t place the exact moment it happened – but it’s unmistakable; golf has become the hottest ticket in sport… and the party is just getting started.

Image: Southern Comfort

Closer to home, golf has always felt like an inherently Australian pastime, with six of the best golf courses in the world found in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Although, at times, it almost felt reserved for a select demographic during a specific twilight era of their careers.

But in recent years, we’ve seen first-hand the cultural shift in the way golf is played, and enjoyed, in this country, with more and more young Australians picking up the clubs and hitting the green with a group of mates, hopping into a cart with a can or two of something stronger for a decent feel of the fairway.

If golf fever hadn’t taken over the country already, it certainly has now.

Image: Southern Comfort

It’s no longer the sport reserved only for older, pale Australians taking up the green; it’s for good times with mates out in the sun, trading in your polos for a party shirt, your golf cap for a bucket hat, and grabbing a couple of cans of SoCo to fuel your flailing swing.

Yes, that Southern Comfort; the smooth and spicy American bourbon you probably last tried during your first year at uni. But let’s be clear, SoCo has also had a glow-up in recent years and has been hosting some of the best Golf Party events in Australia. 

WATCH: Australian PGA Championship 17th Party Hole featuring the Southern Comfort Party Shack

In a new partnership with PGA Australia and Australia Golf, Southern Comfort is continuing to celebrate the social side of the sport with unmissable activations at the biggest golf events of the summer…

For this year’s Australian PGA Championship at Royal Queensland, they wanted to do something different; taking over the course’s celebrated 17th Party Hole with the one-of-a-kind Party Shack – with tunes pumping, the crowd heckling and Southern Iced Teas flowing, this was a one-stop shop for anyone who loves to par-ty.

Image: Southern Comfort

While Min Woo Lee was endearing himself to the thousands of frenzied golf fans with a world-class performance to take the PGA title, Southern Comfort was keeping the crowd sufficiently lubricated throughout the full four days of swinging on the fairway. 

SoCo’s dedicated host Olan Tekkers was on the ground for the weekend keeping everyone entertained, as well as dishing out Birds of Condor merch for all the new-age golfers who were certainly edging closer to the rough.

The dedicated fan precinct doubled in size since last year’s event, with more live activations available to the party-prone attendees who came to get a full rub of the green.

Image: Southern Comfort

Much like the Glow Golf party last year, SoCo is teeing off the summer of golf in signature style, bringing Twilight Rounds to a golf course near you. 

Whether you’re someone who’s never picked up a golf club before or a seasoned pro, this laid-back experience will have you focusing on good times with mates, with a can in hand instead of what the scorecard is saying. 

This summer season, let Southern Comfort be the VIP caddy for your round, so you can focus on scoring big (or not) and making sure the good times keep on swinging.

To find out where the next Party on the Green is taking place or where you can play SoCo twilight rounds register here.