Elevate Your Summer With 1800 Cristalino, The Epitome Of Premium Tequila

Exceptionally crafted, meticulously filtered Añejo style tequila.

Elevate Your Summer With 1800 Cristalino, The Epitome Of Premium Tequila

The following story is brought to you by 1800 Cristalino

Since the first Spanish conquistadors introduced modern distillation methods to the people of Tequila in the Jalisco region on the west coast of Mexico, few beverages can boast the same rich and refined journeys and evolution as tequila within the world of premium beverages.

Modern interpretations celebrate the three main categories of tequila, each representing the diverse ages and flavour profiles available today; Blanco, Añejo and Reposado.

Despite boasting a rich and layered history, the enduring legacy of tequila is constantly being retold, with new and exciting iterations emerging to the traditional narrative of this revered spirit… and one, in particular, that’s able to reflect the best qualities of all three.

Crafted from a 220-year-old Añejo recipe, the world’s most decorated tequila brand, 1800, has taken the storied history of tequila to even loftier heights. Introducing the 1800 Cristalino, an exceptionally crafted, meticulously filtered Añejo style tequila that represents the departure from traditional tequila production.

1800 Cristalino is aged for 16 months in barrels before it’s finished in port wine casks for an added depth and nuanced expression of flavour, then expertly filtered using charcoal for the latest innovative expression from one of the world’s most celebrated brands.

Presented in an exquisite crystalline bottle, 1800 Cristalino celebrates the best qualities of its predecessors; the silky smoothness of an aged Añejo, but with the crystal-clear clarity of a younger Blanco tequila.

The result is an ultra-premium, aged tequila product that’s both sophisticated and refined. On the nose, hums of oak and sweet vanilla owing the French and American oak casks give way to the signature flavour profile of aged Añejo tequila while still maintaining the herbal and sweet notes from the 100% Weber Blue agave.

This complex contemporary expression is to be enjoyed however you like, of course. But its inherent versatility lends itself to neat, short drinks, over ice or in finely crafted cocktails, such as a twist on a classic French 75 cocktail, that substitutes tequila for the usual gin.

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Cristalino Tequila 750ml

Cristalino Tequila 750ml

1800 Cristalino is an añejo expression which has been filtered, resulting in a clear spirit that still packs a rich, full-bodied flavour profile. Suitable for enjoying neat, but will also add complexity to cocktails and mixed drinks without changing their hue.

1800 Cristalino is now available to the Australian market for the first time and is exclusively available at Dan Murphy’s for $110 nationwide.