Baptiste Loiseau Interview: Louis XIII Cellar Master On Channelling His Savoir-Faire

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Baptiste Loiseau Interview: Louis XIII Cellar Master On Channelling His Savoir-Faire


The role of the tierçon in premium cognac distillation cannot be overstated. Each tierçon, or barrel, starts life as a hand-selected French oak tree; it spends the first 100 years of its life ageing separately to reach the perfect maturity to develop a rich and complex flavour profile before being introduced to what cognac distillers refer to as the eaux-de-vie – the water of life.

Each part of the barrel, down to the individually formed staves that make up the body, are meticulously chosen from planks of large-grained oaks; they’re dried in the open air for three years before being carefully shaped taller and tighter to form the perfect vessel for the precious drop.

“Only when the tierçon is matured will it age the most refined and old eaux-de-vie and potentially marry the final blend,” Baptiste Loiseau, Rémy Martin Cellar Master told DMARGE. “Louis XIII tierçons can only be united with the eaux-de-vie after they have both undergone their ageing timespan separately, allowing the eaux-de-vie to reveal their full potential.”


Baptiste joined the Maison Rémy Martin in 2007 as a consultant engineer in Pierrette Trichet’s team, the previous Cellar Master. It’s here that Baptiste was able to ply his trade, learning to identify and channel the eaux-de-vie and recognise the profound connection that the Maison shares with its esteemed winegrowing partners.

One day, Baptiste Loiseau discovered a singular tierçon, and inside an eaux-de-vie with an exceptional aromatic profile; one that he had never encountered before. That special singular drop was set aside to mature within the centenarian oak wood before Rémy Martin Cellar Master determined it was the perfect time to release this unique French cognac to the world.

“The decision to reveal Rare Cask 42.1 in March 2023 was based on my instinct that it was ready to be uncovered,” Baptiste Loiseau continued.

“I was first filled with emotions when tasting this unique tierçon’s aromatic profile. Its floral notes carried me away to very vivid childhood memories. As its flavours reached the perfect balance between density and elegance, it was time to extract the liquid from the tierçon and reveal this unicity to the world.”

The first Louis XIII Rare Cask was discovered in 2004 by then Cellar Master Pierrette Trichet; the second, just 11 years later, was launched in 2013; today, Louis XIII has unveiled its third-ever special edition in its entire 150-year history with the coveted Rare Cask 42.1.

“Rare casks are unpredictable wonders of nature; finding one is an exceptional moment in the life of a Cellar Master. As such, a discovery may never happen in a single lifetime.”

Baptiste Loiseau, Rémy Martin Cellar Master

For Baptiste and the many hands that have cared for the Rare Cask 42.1, this expression is a continuation of Louis XIII’s tradition and the legacy of the Cellar Masters that have represented the brand throughout its history.

“Each Cellar Master contributes to the history and consistency of Louis XIII Cognac,” Baptiste Loiseau confessed. “As I follow in the footsteps of my predecessors, I perpetuate the gestures and use my intuition to continue caring for and revealing the most precious eaux-de-vie from our cellars.”

“A centenarian heritage like Louis XIII Cognac is anchored on a perpetual and meaningful transmission of savoir-faire. It is at the core of Louis XIII’s values to secure the living legacy for generations to come.”


The result is a rich and velvety elixir, complex with deep mahogany hues owing to the careful maturation process within the tierçon. Fruity notes such as passion fruit, mango and pineapple combine with a floral bouquet of rose and lilac for a balanced and nuanced flavour profile exclusive to the celebrated Maison.

The single tierçon provided just enough liquid for 775 numbered bottles to be released worldwide. Available for the first time in a ritual set, the Rémy Martin Louis X111 Rare Cask 42.1 is presented in a black crystal decanter with ornated crystal glasses and a serving pipette, retailing at $81,080 AUD.