The Guinness Empire Set For ‘Peaky Blinders’ Style Netflix Series

Just in time for Paddy's Day...

The Guinness Empire Set For ‘Peaky Blinders’ Style Netflix Series

Image: Netflix

Ever wondered about the true cost of your pint of Guinness? No, me neither. But it turns out that you don’t become Ireland’s most iconic beverage without making a few enemies along the way.

Following the resounding success of Netflix’s Peaky Blinders starring Oscar-winning Irishman Cillian Murphy as the patriarchal figure of Birmingham’s most notorious gang, series creator Steven Knight has teased his next gritty project will follow the rise of the Guinness dynasty.

Knight’s House of Guinness will be set some hundred years in the past, in 19th-century Dublin and New York following the death of Benjamin Guinness, the founder of the now legendary Guinness brewery and before his death, the richest man in Ireland.

“The Guinness dynasty is known the world over – wealth, poverty, power, influence, and great tragedy are all intertwined to create a rich tapestry of material to draw from. I’ve always been fascinated by their stories and am excited to bring the characters to life for the world to see,” Steven Knight said.

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It’s no surprise to see that Netflix is interested in handing Knight the keys to another story centred around powerful families and the internal struggles that wealth and influence bring – just look at Succession, The Crown and of course, Peaky Blinders.

Although further details are being kept firmly under wraps, an official Netflix synopsis has said the show will look at “the far-reaching impact of his [Benjamin Guinness’] cunning will on the fate of his four adult children, Arthur, Edward, Anne, and Ben, as well as on a group of Dublin characters who work and interact with the growing juggernaut that is Guinness.”

The eight-part original series is set to start filming in 2024, with an expected 2025 or 2026 release.