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10 Best Zero Alcohol Beers In Australia For 2024

We put our stomachs (and egos) on the line to test the best non-alcoholic beers in Australia.

10 Best Zero Alcohol Beers In Australia For 2024

We felt it was high time to review our favourite non-alcoholic beers on the Australian market. We picked 10 of the most popular brands and put them through their paces.

Non-alcoholic or zero-alcohol beers used to be a bit of a punchline in Australia. No Aussie bloke would dare be caught drinking a beer without the alcohol — “What’s the point?” was the common refrain — and truthfully, many of the non-alcoholic beers on the market were pretty nasty.

But we’ve come a long way. These days, not only is it far more acceptable to drink a non-alcoholic beer as attitudes towards fitness, mental health, and all-round moderation have progressed but non-alcoholic beers themselves have got a damn sight better.

Still, there’s a lot of scepticism around non-alcoholic beers and with so many on the market, it’s hard to figure out which ones are worth drinking. Never fear: here at DMARGE we’ve wrapped our laughing gear around some of the most popular non-alcoholic beers in the country to find out which are worth your hard-earned dollars.

How Did We Choose The Zero-Alcohol Beers?

Some of the beers — like James Squire and Nort — were sent to us by the brands themselves or their designated PR teams. The remainder were purchased from Dan Murphy’s in Alexandria, Sydney.

We did our best to select as wide a range of non-alcoholic beers as we could find, giving equal weight to the non-alcoholic variants of well-established (and sometimes iconic) Aussie brands — XXXX, we’re looking at you — as well as newcomer challenger brands hoping to make their mark in the industry.

How Did We Rate The Zero-Alcohol Beers?

Jamie, Luc, Fin and Ben tasted the beers and gave each brand a score out of 5, taking into account the price, branding, look & feel of the bottle or can and, most importantly, the flavour profile of each. These individual scores were then added up to create a final score out of a maximum possible 20 points.

As an example: if a beer’s final score was 8 out of 20, then it averaged 2 out of a possible 5 points from each of our tasters and is decidedly not a drop we recommend.

Jamie went above and beyond the call of duty by deciding to give half points to a few of the beers. The others did not feel the beers warranted such granular scoring, but this should explain any decimal points you may run into.

Short For Time? Here Are The Quick Takeaways

Overall winner:Little Creatures Flying Low, $20
Runner Up:Heaps Normal Quiet XPA, $19
Third Place:Heineken Zero, $15
Lowest Calories:XXXX Zero, $12
Highest calories:Carlton Zero, $6
Cheapest: Carlton Zero, $6
Most Expensive:Little Creatures Flying Low, $20

Our Video Review

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